Sofija Tesla (patentprogeny) wrote,
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for Nikola (3/10/11)

Sofi had fallen into a routine with her days--surprising for residents of the Sanctuary--between schoolwork such as it was, writing letters to James and Declan in London, and generally being monitored as far as development. She took work seriously when she was allowed to help with small projects from Will or Henry, but even those were set aside for the opportunity to work with her father.

"It's almost supper," she says in greeting as she slips through the door to Nikola's lab, teacup in hand. Will, as the person she's around more often than the others, draws the line at drinking wine like her father, and always looks squeamish about blood.
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Nikola doesn't glance up from his work, but his tone is warm as he says, "Yes, and?"
"Helen told me to tell you," she says simply, with the same half smile Nikola wears the majority of the time. "And now I have."

She does what most of the adults ask of her, but that doesn't mean she has to take their implications; Helen said to remind her father of the time, but she never made mention of getting him out of his lab. Sofi doesn't even attempt that most days, knowing from experience how difficult it is. "How is your work going?"
"Slowly as usual," he answers, looking up at her briefly.

"Here. Put this together?" He slides across an component she's half-familiar with, though the assembly will take some initiative on her part.
She looks over the pieces he slides toward her, turning them over and over in her hands as she studies the intricacies. Two of the pieces look outwardly compatible, and she begins with those while she enjoys the relative silence of Nikola's workspace.

"Tomorrow is the SAT exam date."
"Already?" Nikola asks distractedly, working on his own portion of the project.
She keeps working on the assembly, a tiny crease forming between her brows when she has it half-assembled and there are no more connection sites available; Sofi glances over at him at his comment, taking it back apart. "It's been a month since I told you last."

She's not one of those children who reminds her parent of something every day, or even every week. It gets as annoying to her as to him. "Will says he'll take me there and back if you're busy." Which he almost certainly will be.
Nikola nods, frowning a bit himself as he contemplates his work.

"Let me know how it goes."
"You could take me if you wanted," Sofi mentions, beginning to reassemble the component in her hands, this time with a better reference for how it needs to be manipulated as the parts click into place.

"You know it won't take me long."
"You'll have to stay for the entire time regardless," Nikola points out.

After a moment, though, he asks, "Would you like me to take you?"
"Yes," she says, without preamble as she slides the assembled part back to Nikola.
Nikola makes a quick examination of it to be sure it's assembled correctly and then slides over another set of parts.

"All right."
"Thank you, Papa," she smiles, beginning to work with the second set of parts.
"You're welcome, svitac," he answers, picking up the piece she assembled earlier and working it into his.
"Will says I scored perfect on the practice tests he gives me," she says lightly as she feels over the second assembly, turning things this way and that to fit them together.

"He sends my results to Uncle James." She doesn't crave the approval of the adults around her as much, but she still likes to know they at least remember she's there. Sometimes things get hectic around the Sanctuary for the adults, and she's one of few young children there to begin with.
"And what does James say about them?" Nikola asks.

He's heard from Watson, of course, but he wants to know how she interprets it.
"He says I'm progressing well," she says simply. "He's happy about it. I think he worries that I don't act like the other children."
"Of course you don't act like the other children. You're not like the other children."
"I know that," Sofi responds. "And I'm sure James does as well. Sometimes...I think he forgets that no one has experience with vampire children. Or none whose records are intact," she amends after a moment.

It's a moment longer before she asks Nikola another question out of the blue. "Are you proud of me because I'm not like the other children?"
"Of course," Nikola says mildly. "Did you think I wasn't?"
"No. I only wondered," she says, shaking her head at his question, "If it was partly because I was different from them, or if the incidents were unrelated."

Sofi knows he's proud of her for most of what she does.
"Correlated, but not causative."
"I thought so," she says, smiling.
Nikola gives her a quick smile.
"Will you tell me about Oxford?"
"What would you like to know?"


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