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The Scientist's Daughter

they're never this much trouble in the stories

Sofija Tesla
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Original character!

Sofija Tesla is the vampiric daughter of Sanctuary's Nikola Tesla. (Long story.)

Sofi possesses quite a few interesting abilities related to both her genetic disposition and her nature, and the circumstances of her childhood. She is, of course, first a foremost a vampire, though this is no Anne rice type deal. Not even Bram Stoker. She retains a completely human appearance most times, though her skin is a little cool to the touch; she can regulate her heartbeat to match anyone else's if she so desires. When Sofi transforms, her nails grow into long black razor-sharp claws, and her eyes change from a human grey to a deep red iris with black sclera. She doesn't have two elongated canines for fangs, rather her teeth all grow sharp and somewhat jagged.

She also has the uncanny ability to invent and understand machinery far beyond what would be reasonable for a human; that just comes from being the daughter of Nikola Tesla, we're pretty sure, as does the ability to produce and direct electrical currents through her body, and electricity in any form does not hurt her. She is a telepath as well, able to pick up on thoughts and convey them to other people without the slightest outward hint she's doing so. Sofi will drink from humans, and unlike her father doesn't take as much offense at the popular culture surrounding vampires; she's been to a blood rave and really didn't find it terribly exciting. She does, however, take full opportunity to roll her eyes at vamp-style or goth clothing and jewelry, because frankly it amuses her to no end to do so, quite unashamedly. Wine and alcohol don't affect her, and like her father she can and will drink both in copious amounts on a regular basis. As a child she replaces these with tea, which also has no effect on her, either from the tannins or the caffeine.

As a child: here
As an adult: here

The child PB for Sofi is Mackenzie Foy, and the adult/teenaged PB is Nicole Scherzinger, neither of whom do I own. Sofi herself is, however, an original character and I do own her.